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Welcome to ISA S.A.R.L

Running a Successful Business

Determined to supply our clients with leading edge products, as well as with value added service that ensures ultimate client satisfaction.

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Our products


Authorized distributors of Fuchs lubricant. Fuchs is the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer, supplying superior products and services to many diverse market sectors.

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Authorized distributors of Baldwin Filters. Baldwin is OEM approved, Internationally accredited, Baldwin Filters has achieved and maintains TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications in its facilities.

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Fire Trace

Globally recognized and accredited safety systems and solutions, Assuring peace of mind, business continuity, minimize / prevention of loss and productivity improvement. Approved system facilitates less insurance premiums and higher chances of claim.24/7 tracking, monitoring, SMS, email, audio and video alarm / alert and service backup.

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Hydraulic Hoses & Hose Management Systems

ISA SARL are offering superlative Hydraulic Hose Assembly Management solutions / services to Hydraulic Equipment / Systems. ISA SARL assemble and stock customized hoses and fittings in Katanga ensuring real time delivery (15 minutes turn around time).

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115, Avenue Kigoma, Quartier Industriel, Commune de Kampemba, Lubumbashi, R.D. Congo

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We Provide you with the Highest Quality Work that Meets your Expectation.

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Target sectors

We help you to discover how using the right lubricant can bring you substantial savings by helping to maximize equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.


Agriculture :

We provide the solution: Fuchs lubricants can help you to prolong machinery life, reduce maintenance costs and emissions, and increase equipment availability.


Construction :

Whether you need a reliable lubricant supply for remote projects or increased equipment availability, we will offer you the wide range of Fuchs Lubricants and service designed to make a real difference to your entire operation.


Transport :

We have a wide range of oils and greases designed to protect your investment, help you reduce operating costs, and comply with environmental standards including the latest-technology Synthetic lubricants for Fuchs ultimate performance.



Whether you want to reduce power-engine maintenance time with extended-life oils, improve efficiency to increase combined-cycle turbine output or increase the reliability of remote wind turbines, we have a wide range of Fuchs lubricants designed to meet your needs.



We appreciate that maximizing machine availability and driving down production and maintenance costs in tough conditions and remote areas can be difficult. With our wide range of product as well as many years of experience in the mining sector, we are able to provide you with Lubricant solutions for your business.